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Kids’ Stop

We believe that each child is unique and our educators embrace that uniqueness!


Welcome to Kids’ Stop! We believe that our services have a tremendous impact on the lives of the families we serve. Our educators have a great responsibility to provide a service that offers the most caring, nurturing, educational, and fun atmosphere possible while maintaining a safe, respectful, and positive guided environment.

We believe that the centre is an extension of the family and therefore we wish to work closely with the parents/guardians by means of discussions, meetings, and other communicative ways to promote positive relationships and development for both the child and parent/guardian.

We believe play is an important part in early childhood education and we strive to give the children a balance of opportunities to both direct his/her own activities and have an educated, experienced educator engage them through experimenting, discovery, feeling, seeing, smelling, touching, hearing, and imagining. We believe positive guidance techniques, such as redirecting, problem solving, and giving choices whenever possible, combined with a positive attitude and love are an important part in facilitating a child’s character.


Children will learn through play and develop through a variety of social, emotional and intellectual activities. We offer a structured and unstructured environment with songs, crafts, arts and education.

Happy customers

“I would love to recommend Kids’ Stop for families, my daughter came here after being at home with me for a year because of covid, she was a little unsure and scared but with the wonderful help of the educators she’s come out her shell, is a right old chatterbox, and is loving going to Kids’ Stop on a daily basis. They have wonderful theme weeks/month, they go on adventure walks, and are just very understanding and kind to not only my daughter but me too as well (I did email them a lot to check in). My daughter is very affectionate to those she likes and these teachers get hugs daily”

“Our girls have been going to Kids’ Stop since they opened in Auburn Bay. Our youngest has been there since she turned 1 years old and our oldest since she was 4. They are now 4 and 7. We have always felt they are cared for, loved, do fun activities, served delicious snacks, and overall are excited to be at daycare. They have met their best friends at daycare and have amazing memories.”

“Our son goes here [Auburn Bay location] after being at their Okotoks location previously. They've been wonderful. They accommodate his allergies. They are one of the more affordable daycares, but that has no impact on quality. The staff is absolutely wonderful. The Director of this place does an incredible job.My son loves it here and I actually don't feel guilty having him spend his days here. They use an electronic system for updates, pictures and daily reports which is super convenient as well.”